Behind the Scenes of a Dallas Addition: From Site Prep to Framing

This blog was originally posted on May 11, 2016 on our old blogging platform before we launched our new website. As we are getting ready to post our next edition of our behind the scenes look at this ongoing addition project we wanted to make it as easy as possible to follow along. The original post can still be viewed here.

We're a few weeks in on this Dallas addition project and it is really starting to take shape. We are adding an enclosed family room and open patio. Pool Environments will finish the project with a brand new pool. We've posted several photo updates on our Facebook page highlighting the progress. So far we have made it through site prep work, foundation prep, and the concrete foundation pour. This week we are finishing up framing and us such we can finally see the new structure start to take shape.


Want more about this project and everything that goes in to building an addition onto your home? Check out some of our side by side progress photos below as we breakdown the stages of this project. And keep checking back for more updates throughout the project. We'll be adding photos to our Facebook on a regular basis and will routinely post more behind the scenes looks of the project's progression on our blog.


Site Prep

Before any work on building the new structure could begin, significant site prep had to take place. For this project both the main water and sewer lines had to be moved in preparation of the new pool and plumbing fixtures that will be included in the patio. Special care was also taken to verify and ensure the accuracy of all measurements before foundation prep and the concrete pour could begin.


The big guns were broken out for the foundation prep work in order to drill the necessary holes in the ground for the foundation piers. Before the concrete could even be poured significant prep work had to be done to prepare the ground for the new foundation. 


With the foundation down framing the new structure could begin. The new enclosed family room will span the area in between the old back door and the carport and will border the new patio on one side. 

What's Next?

Our next step will be installing the roof over the new family room structure, followed by installing brick and siding to further finish enclosing the new structure. Once the room is properly enclosed we will be able to begin work inside the structure.



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