Behind the Scenes of a Dallas Addition: From Framing to Mechanicals

Now a bit further along in the progress of constructing a new enclosed family room and open porch addition to this Dallas home we’re ready to show off the next few steps in the process. You can check out the first edition of this behind the scenes look here. Keep checking back on both our blog and Facebook page as we continue to provide updates as this project takes shape.



The first behind the scenes look at this project ended with framing. However, as the framing process had not yet been completed in our last post, and as it is such an important step in the process of constructing a new structure, we wanted to revisit it as our starting point in this second behind the scenes look. Framing is like the skeleton, it provides the shape and structure upon which the details and pretty parts are built. Framing for this new family room addition took about a week to complete. As can be seen in the progress photos, by the time framing was complete the general structure of the new room was there.


With framing done, the next step was to complete the roof. As one rectangular room, the roofing shape for the new addition itself wasn’t a challenge to construct. However, one of the biggest challenges with the roofing on this project was tying it in with the existing roof of the house and carport. The roof of the home and carport are hip style, meaning that they have inclined ends as well as sides. In order to tie the new roof in with the old the sides of the existing roofs of the home and carport had to be reworked.

Doors and Windows

The last step to completely enclose the new structure was to add in the windows and doors. A glass door was added so that the new structure could be entered into from the existing carport. A matching immobile door was added on the opposite side to allow for more natural light and a balanced look around the future fireplace. Sliding glass patio doors were added to open from the new family room out onto the adjacent new porch. Along the side wall three long and narrow windows were added to increase the amount of natural light while still allowing for the homeowner’s privacy as this wall borders the neighboring house.

Behind the Walls Work AKA Mechanicals

Perhaps not the most glamorous stage in the process, before any insulation or drywall can be added there was some plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work that needed to be added to the new space. It may not seem like much is happening at this stage but the proper installation of these pieces is vital to saving both time and money later in the project.

What's Next?

Once all the mechanical work is finished it will be time for insulation and drywall. The walls will be closed up and the interior of the new room will really start to take shape. Along with the drywall a few built in features, such as bookshelves and ledges around the fireplace will start to take shape. Installation of trim and the fireplace itself will follow. Not much has happened yet with the outdoor patio area beyond the pouring of the foundation, but work will soon start moving forward in this area.

Bonus: Pool Progress

While we at Key Residential have been hard at work with the new family room structure and porch additions to this property, Randy Angell and his talented team at Pool Environments have begun the process of adding a new pool. What started out as just a pile of dirt will soon be a beautiful pool, complete with a built in hot tub, extended wet deck, and a few unique architectural design features.


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