What is Your Bathroom Style?

While the bathroom might not be the most glamorous of topics to discuss, it certainly does not lack an ability to be glamourous in its style. And when it comes to style options for the bathroom, there are a wide range of options depending on how your tastes run. In fact, the bathroom is one of the rooms that allows for the most options with design and style. From selecting cabinets, countertops, flooring, and plumbing fixtures, there are a plethora of decisions to be made that can influence the style of your bathroom. Check out a few of the more popular styles below and see how we at Key Residential have incorporated some of those styles into our own projects.

For many years traditional style has been the go-to favorite for bathrooms. While recent years has seen popular opinion slowly shifting away from traditional style, it remains a classic and polished look for the bathroom. The traditional styled bath will likely not incorporate many new-age styled design options. Instead it basks in the comfort of the tried and true staples that give the room an established and comforting feel. They will likely feature vanities with shaker style cabinets either in a wood stain or neutral paint color that still shows the grain of the wood. Stone countertops, such as granite or marble, are strong staples in a traditional styled bath. Plumbing fixtures will likely be the classic white and hardware will be a metallic material.

On the opposite side of the spectrum from traditional is modern. Modern style can be hard to define in specifics because it encompasses such a wide range of eclectic options. Overall, modern style incorporates a look of minimalism through the use of clean, sleek lines and glossy finishes. Typically with modern design there will be a specific stand out element. This could range from an architectural feature to tile color or unique shape or to a stand out tub or vanity. Modern style is not afraid of the new, and so things like floating vanities, trough sinks, and integrating technology are often embraced.


Contemporary style can sometimes be seen as a medium between traditional and modern style. It tends to rely on the clean and simple lines often seen in modern style but in turn it incorporates some of the more comforting features of traditional style like wood finishes. Contemporary style isn’t afraid to play around a little with unique features, such as with colors or plumbing fixtures. But it grounds those special touches by surrounding them with more common staples. Things you might see in a contemporary bath are flat paneled wood vanities with a vessel sink or perhaps a shower with a unique tile pattern design.


Rustic is one of those styles where you can either fully commit by using it throughout your entire bathroom or you can pick and choose a few pieces that really exude country charm and pair them with elements of another less distinctive style. These bathrooms often feature a lot of wood details and have an aged or well lived in appearance. Clawfoot tubs are a popular feature of country/rustic bathrooms. Vanities often have the design of a furniture piece if they were not repurposed from an old piece of furniture already. Antiques make for great decorations in these bathrooms.