What We Do

In short, we do it all

We do additions of all sizes and types, remodels of all sizes and types, and even the occasional custom new home.  There are, however, a few projects that seem to happen more often than the rest.

Check out some examples below,

and get a feel for our vision


Kitchen Remodel

Our goal is to build fresh spaces with improved functionality and enhanced design to achieve each homeowner’s desired aesthetic. We want to help your kitchen layout feel like it "makes sense". Our kitchen remodeling projects include installing custom cabinetry, hardwood floors, new appliances, and counter-tops, moving walls and fixtures, and even just finding the perfect sink and faucet combination.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms seem to show the age of the house more so than other rooms, which may be why they tend to be such a popular remodel project. Sometimes all a home needs in order to feel new-and-improved is a new-and-improved bathroom. Bathroom remodels are not always stylistic updates, though. Different stages of life and health can call for specific needs in the home. Bathrooms are one of the most significant areas that may need improvements such as handrails, handicap accessible showers, and other small changes that make big differences in functionality. As a certified Aging-in-Place specialist, providing handicap accessibility in the home is an service that we at Key Residential take great pride in. 


Sometimes the need for space grows right along with your family. If the answer to that need does not come from moving to a new home, a solution can be found in a home addition. We have a very similar approach to home additions as we do to remodels. Though additions involve fresh blueprints and new materials, there is always at least one wall from the original home to tie into. This means that just as much care, creativeness, and attention to detail is needed to insure a comprehensive, integrated finished project.

Whole House Remodel

Preserving the character and history of an old home while updating it, strengthening it, and making it more efficient is exciting for both the homeowner and the contractor. Why not just tear the old one down and start over? Would that not simplify everything? It would, but there is much to be said about the value of history and character in a home. We recognize this, and we love to join homeowners on these sorts of adventures.