2019 Spring Home Maintenance Guide

Have you felt a change in the air as the winter cold moves away and warmer weather of spring begins to take its place? If not then hopefully you will soon be able to enjoy the more temperate temperatures that are coming. Because yesterday marked the first official day of spring and that means it’s a great time to add some around the house tasks to your to do list. Keep reading for some ideas on what to include.


Prep Outdoor Living

It’s time to get the outdoor living areas of your home ready for use. Pick an upcoming weekend when the weather will be nice and spend some time outdoors getting things ready. Give your outdoor furniture and cooking equipment a good washing and visual inspection. Look into replacing any items showing signs of wear and tear now before the stores get picked over later in the season or something breaks when you’re in the middle of using it. Dewinterize outdoor plumbing once the temperatures stay above freezing. Another good idea to consider as you’re prepping your outdoor living areas is mosquito management. Look around for areas where water collects and doesn’t drain well (which could become mosquito breeding grounds). If you plan on spending a fair amount of time outdoors in the coming months then consider having more permanent pest retardants.


Update Bedrooms

When it comes to home remodeling, rooms like the kitchen and bathroom tend to get a lot of attention Unfortunately, they can also be quite pricey and intensive.  If you’re looking for a smaller way to update your home consider giving some love and attention to your bedrooms. Fresh paint, new linens, new flooring, or even rearrangement of the furniture are smaller updates that can still make a big difference. The transition from colder to warmer weather is a great time to lighten things up. Plus, warmer weather naturally means you won’t need as many layers to be comfortable. And if you’re looking for more substantial updates consider a fireplace or built in coffee bar to the master bedroom.

Make Small Touch Ups Around the House

Do you have a list piling up of little maintenance things that need to be done around the house that keep getting put off? Perhaps you’ve got walls in need of some paint touch up, or its been a bit too long since you’ve replaced the HVAC air filter, or maybe that squeaky hinge could really use some WD-40. Spring is a great time to take care of those normal wear and tear items that come with owning a house, but it can seem like a daunting endeavor as the list of tasks start to add up so focus on making it as manageable as possible. Walk around your house and make a list of all these little things that need to be done. Then make sure you’ve got the supplies on hand to get them all taken care of. Once everything is ready to go take a day or a weekend to get it all done.


Window Maintenance

Windows are an incredibly important part of the home and as such require a certain amount of care and concern. Take some time to inspect all of your windows to make sure the glass, frames, and open/close mechanisms are not broken. Replace caulk if you notice it missing or if it has deteriorated. If your windows are older then this might be a good time to consider replacing them with more energy efficient windows. This will help your home better manage the heat to come. Finally, give your windows a good clean, both inside and outside. The longer days of sun will be much more enjoyable if you can admire them through clear windows


Deep Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, no matter how much you may not like it, is something that is not going away anytime soon. And while the idea of devoting a fair amount of time cleaning your house may not fill you with joy, the benefits of a good spring cleaning can make the effort worthwhile. You likely already follow some home cleaning schedule throughout the year to keep up with the normal mess that accompanies life. So this spring focus on doing the sort of deep cleaning that doesn’t get done on quite a regular basis. Good rooms to focus on include the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. Get to those hard to reach or easily forgotten areas. Get rid of or donate anything that you don’t need or use anymore.


Make A Bad Weather Safety Plan

Here in the DFW area we know that spring brings with it tumultuous storms that can include anything from a downpour of rain, strong winds, hail, and even tornados. As much as we would like to hope that our home will be spared from any associated destruction, it’s good to have a plan in place so that you will be safe and not left scrambling when bad weather hits. Designate a safe room in your house, ideally an interior room without windows or a bathroom with a tub that can be sheltered in, and stock it with a few emergency supplies.


Find Ways to Save Energy

Winter and summer can be tough on your electric bill thanks to all that heating and A/C usage. The milder temperatures of spring will hopefully help you to naturally save on that bill. But there are some ways you can more actively help save energy both in spring and throughout the year. First, when the weather allows try to avoid running your heater or A/C. Open windows and use ceiling fans to help keep the air in your house cooler. Maintain your HVAC system so that it is running as efficiently as possible. Adding solar screens to your windows can help reduce heat transfer through your windows. A few other small things you can do to help save energy? Replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, add extra insulation in the attic, and be sure that any new appliances you purchase are rated for energy efficiency.