Project Spotlight: A Remodeled Dallas Backyard is Outdoor Living at its Best

Summer and outdoor living go hand and hand here in Texas. And is really all that hard to see why? With our hot and sunny summers to the mostly moderate winters (save, of course, for the occasional burst of cold), enjoying the outdoors can be an easy and enjoyable task in the Lonestar State. That this Dallas home was lacking in ways to enjoy outdoor living was the true surprise. Luckily the homeowners decided to team up with Randy Angell Designs, Pool Environments, Jason Osterberger Designs, Claudine Roberts, and, of course, Key Residential, to create a multi-use outdoor living haven that would provide the with a plethora of options for enjoying the outdoors.


The back of the house was designed in a U shape and it originally had a small covered patio at the base of the U with large grassy areas taking up the rest of the backyard. The homeowners wanted to create more options for enjoying the outdoors at home for them and their children. Randy Angell Designs helped them to create their perfect outdoor living paradise. They designed the new backyard space to include a covered cabana, three separate pools, a built in firepit, a courtyard area in between the U-shaped rear wings of the house, and new landscaping throughout the area.

Key Residential’s part of the project focused on the covered cabana addition. The cabana includes an outdoor kitchen, dining area, living area, and enclosed half bath. The cabana was added onto one of the wings of the U shaped house. Dual French doors that match with existing exterior entry doors provide access to the new cabana from the home. They frame an existing fireplace inside of the house and a wall hung television in the entertainment area of the new cabana. The entertainment area has plenty of space for comfortable seating around the television for the entire family. Speakers are integrated throughout the cabana as well as throughout the entire outdoor living area so that sound can radiate throughout the space. So if someone is swimming in the pool or perhaps busy making s’mores at the firepit they can still keep up with whatever is on the TV or continue jamming to some tunes.

To the side of the entertainment area is the half bath. It includes a custom designed vanity cabinet with a quartz countertop, tile floors, and accent wallpaper. The mixture of textures and soft color palette give the room a relaxed and almost tropical vibe which is perfectly suited for an outdoor living bathroom.









The outdoor kitchen area of the cabana includes custom designed cabinets with quartz countertops and a glass subway tile backsplash. It features several appliances that are well suited for outdoor living, including a full-sized outdoor refrigerator, undercounter ice maker, two drop-in coolers, and a large apron sink with a gooseneck faucet and a separate filtered water faucet. Adjacent to the outdoor kitchen is the dining area. It has plenty of space to fit a full-size dining table where the family or guests can gather. With the nice weather that Texas offers we imagine the family takes full advantage of their ability to eat outdoors often. And for those who don’t feel like sitting at the table a long window seat bench provides additional seating in the area.


Year-round comfort and usability was an important factor in the design of the cabana. Two Big Ass Fans and four Infratech heaters provide temperature control for the space regardless of whether it is a 100 degree summer day or an unusually cold winter’s day. Bug screens were installed along the three exterior openings to provide additional comfort and safety from the elements. No more pesky flies or mosquitos getting in when the family is trying to enjoy a meal! The color of the screens was chosen to match the stucco and a thicker fabric was used so that the screens could also double as shades.

The pool was designed by Randy Angell and built by Pool Environments. It features an upper level general use pool with an adjacent hot tub on one end and a lower level lap pool on the other end. As former competitive swimmers, the lap pool allows the homeowners to continue doing what they love without having to leave the comfort of their own home. An infinity edge connects the upper pool to the lower lap pool. Concrete steps built into the foundation lead from the upper level areas to the lower level lap pool.

Jason Osterberger Designs completed the firepit area and landscaping throughout the new outdoor living spaces. With plenty of space for seating, the firepit serves as a great gathering place within the outdoor living space. Concrete pavers and new landscaping was installed throughout the outdoor living area to help connect the spaces within the spacious outdoor living area together.