Five Essentials Every Home Should Have

Regardless of whether it is a tiny apartment, a sprawling mansion, or anything in between, the space that you call your home is an essential part of your life. It’s the place where you begin and end most days. It is filled with things that you love and that help you function throughout your daily life. It is the place where you can both invite family and friends over but also steal some quiet time to yourself. As such an important place, what we put into our homes and how they are designed to function should be considered with care. There are a few items that we think are essential to have in a home. Keep reading to find out what they are.


Art and Décor 

Décor and art are all too often viewed as an after thought in the home. But without it you risk the home feeling sterile and lacking in emotional connection. Even just a few well-placed pieces can give your home personality and a lived-in appearance. Luckily, there are a plethora of options when it comes to home décor. And since it is your house, you get to choose the type of decor you want to display. The only person whose tastes you must satisfy are your own, and perhaps the other people who live there with you. Add art that is meaningful to you. That could range any where from a contemporary piece of art to stylized scenic scenes or perhaps something that would fit in well with classical art or even family or vacation photos that you have taken yourself.


Comfortable Mattress (With Quality Bedding)

One of the most important activities that takes place within a home is sleep. You may joke that you barely need it, but even the hardiest of individuals must admit that without at least some sleep your body will not be able to function the way it should. As such, ensuring that your home can provide you with the best sleep possible should be a no brainer. Achieving that goal should start with investing in the perfect mattress that fits your needs. Another thing that can play a big role in quality of sleep is bedding. This is another area that you don’t want to skimp on. Thread counts aren’t everything, but they do make a difference. Material choice can help regulate temperature so look for materials that will create the ideal sleeping environment for you. A nice comforter or duvet can also help to add a little bit of functional personality to the bedroom.


A Place to Entertain

Chances are at some point you will host guests, be it an intimate family gathering or large-scale party with friends, and when that happens you will need a place to entertain these people. The reasons for why you are hosting guests will play a big factor in what areas will be ideal. A quality kitchen will be important for people who enjoy hosting group meals, whereas if you more often have people over to watch movies or sporting events then the living room or family room will be more important. Or if you’re lucky enough to live in a place with good weather then you may find yourself hosting backyard pool parties or barbeques. If you know which areas of your home you will be most likely to use for entertaining then you can make sure it is equipped and ready for hosting those gatherings. Also, make sure you have a bathroom set aside that your guests can use.


Caruth 1.jpg

A Place to Relax

Your home is your space, and while that might include inviting other people over to share in that space with you from time to time, your home ultimately needs to suit your needs. And something that everyone needs at some point is to be able to unwind and relax. Preferred methods of relaxation will vary. Some people may like to take a relaxing bubble bath, others may want to find a quiet corner to curl up with a good book, others still may prefer to take a nap, or perhaps find a peaceful place outdoors where they can enjoy nature. Regardless of your preferred method, make sure your home includes a place where you can comfortably unwind and relax.


Window Treatments

Natural light can make a significant difference in how a room feels. More natural light provides a light and airy feeling that can make rooms seem larger and fresher. But leaving your windows unadorned in an effort to maximize natural light isn’t the best option. At the very least you will want to have blinds or screens of some sort to allow for privacy when needed or to block out the sun when it is at just the right height that it shines right in your eye. Another good option to try would be lighter weight fabric curtains. Even if you’ve taken the time to carefully add design elements throughout a room, completely bare windows will stick out like a sore thumb and make the room feel cold and unfinished.