Eight Standout Uses of Tile in the Bathroom

Last month we featured a few standout tile backsplashes from past projects on our blog. This month we decided to keep the focus on tile but this time in the bathroom, another common place to find the material. Its ability to stand up to wet environments, versatility in usage, and plethora of design and style options easily make tile one of the most popular materials to use in a bathroom. Here are a few past bathroom projects that feature some memorable uses of tile.

With fully tiled floors and walls, this spacious master bathroom features a plethora of tile. The style of the tile was consistent throughout the room, but the walls feature a larger size of the square tile while the floors feature a much smaller version. This variance helps provide visual differentiation and helps the material to not feel too overwhelming. One of the best advantages to having so much of the room covered in tile is the ease with which the room can be cleaned. The homeowner wanted the room built in such a way that it would be possible to hose down the room to clean it. By using tile throughout so much of the room the homeowner can achieve their goal.

This pool house bathroom uses tile to add some whimsical drama to the room by using a fun geometric green patterned tile on the walls. The geometric shape of the tile is a good complement for the contemporary style of the home. It is also loosely reminiscent of palm tree leaves which works well for a pool bath and gives it a beachy and tropical vibe. Juxtaposing the darker colored tile with the white grout adds distinction to the shape of the tile and helps to make it even more of a statement piece.






There is quite a bit of tile used throughout this bathroom, but the real standout piece is easily the green accent tile used in the shower. It is a glass tile with a 3D element that mimics the look of a basket weave. A metal accent liner was used above and below the tile to help create a clean transition between the green tile and the other tile used in the shower. Surrounded by the muted neutral colors featured elsewhere in the bathroom, the unique accent becomes a truly unique feature in the room.






The black based marble designed tile used in the tub/shower combo in this bathroom makes a dramatic statement in the small room. The design of the room is centered around the black and white color scheme which makes it the perfect place to use the dark tile. The prevalence of white fixtures throughout the room helps the darker colored tile not feel too oppressing. Furthermore, the white veining in the tile also lends itself towards softening the tile’s appearance and really stands out because of all the other uses of white in the room.

Without a doubt that star piece of this master bathroom is the shower. And it wouldn’t be half as amazing without the mosaic tile that was installed along the curved back wall. The small size of the square tiles allows it to be more easily used along the curved wall. The shower is freestanding and located in the center of the room, therefore the tile was installed around all sides of the wall to create the truly statement piece.







The homeowners wanted their master bathroom to feel like an at home spa retreat. As such, they chose a light-colored tile to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Tile is used throughout the room on the floors, in the shower, and around the bathtub. But the real standout use of tile is the Grecian patterned tile that was used to create the floor design. The special floor design adds some unique personality to the room and gives it a custom feel. The patterned tile was also used in the walk-in shower and helps add visual continuity to the room.






The bright red tile on the shower walls is what makes this bathroom so spectacular. Surrounded by black floor tiles and black fixtures, the vibrant red shower tile can really pop. Using such a bold color can easily go awry if not done correctly. But by limiting the red tile to just the shower walls and using neutral colors throughout the rest of the room the red tile can be unique without overpowering. Further, the slight color variance within the mosaic pattern of the tile helps tone down any risk of the tile being too overwhelming.






This bathroom might be small on size but it in no way lacks on stylish design and we like to think the way that the luxe marble tile it features played a part in that. The same tile series was used throughout the room but in varying sizes and shapes. The floor and shower soap niche use a hexagonal shaped tile, subway tile was used for the wainscoting with a matching cornice border, and the shower walls feature the square shaped version. Using the assorted sizes and shapes provides some distinction to each area without sacrificing the cohesiveness that using a consistent tile series brings. Also, using a lighter shade for the tile helps the small room feel more open. A darker colored tile would likely have been too oppressive when used in such a small space.