2018 Summer Home Maintenance Guide

Are you ready to welcome in another summer season? Ready or not, summer officially started yesterday. And with the start of a new season comes the chance to start another home maintenance to do list. Keep reading to find out a few tasks that we recommend tackling this season.


Spend More Time Outside

We’ll start out with an easy and hopefully enjoyable task. Summer typically means nice weather accompanied by longer days, so it is the perfect time to enjoy some fresh air. If you’re home has an outdoor living area or pool then carve out some extra time to spend using it. Even just bringing a chair out onto a porch or laying in the grass to enjoy a good book are some great at home options for getting more outdoor time. If your home doesn’t provide any good ways to enjoy the outdoors then so some searching for a local park or just go for a walk through your home’s neighborhood.

General Clean Up

The time for spring cleaning might be passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to skirt around keeping your house clean. For the summer focus on tasks that will help keep you cool. Dust your fan blades so that when they’re running they’re not also spreading dust throughout the air. Do the same with your air registers throughout the house to further help prevent spreading dust. It will also help keep your A/C running more efficiently by eliminating blockage around the vents. This is also a good time to check and replace you’re HVAC filter. Finally, consider getting your HVAC ducts inspected and professionally cleaned if needed. Summer temperatures can get hot so ensuring that the A/C is running efficiently is vital.


Touch Up Exterior Paint

A little bit of paint touch ups can go a long way to making your house look great. Summer’s more pleasant weather makes this a good time to tackle this task, although if you live in an area where summers can get exceedingly hot you may want to get it done soon. You don’t need to do a full repaint of your house, although if it has been a while it might be worth considering that larger task, but do a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior and touch up any areas where the paint is peeling or looking a bit worse for ware. Other exterior areas where some fresh paint might be beneficial are exterior doors, window trim, and outdoor living areas.

Plan Bathroom Remodels

When was the last time your bathroom got a facelift? If the answer is a long time ago then perhaps it is time to start planning a remodel. A well done master bathroom in particular can be a great benefit both for your own needs and for the ultimate resale value of your home. The master bath should be a peaceful and private retreat where you can relax and unwind. If your master bathroom isn’t giving you those vibes then it might be time to make some changes. Start planning now so that you can get the project started late fall or early 2019.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Chances are you will not be relying on your hot water heater quite as much during the summer which makes this the perfect time to perform some maintenance and perhaps make a change or two to increase its longevity. A key maintenance step is to drain the tank and wash out sediment, a task that should be performed annually. Another worthwhile task is to check and replace the anode rod if it has deteriorated too much. Adding some insulation around the tank and/or pipes can help increase the unit’s efficiency. And given the outdoor heat, summer is a good time to turn the unit’s temperature down a few degrees and save on your electric bill.


Pay Attention to Water and Your Landscape

Being a plant can be rough in the summer with the hot temperatures and lack of rain. Keep a watchful eye on the wellbeing of your landscaping so that if plants or grass start to look a bit dry you can nip the problem in the bud before anything is too far gone to save. If you have a sprinkler system set it to run early in the morning before the sun comes up to maximize its effectiveness. Be sure to check if your city has any specific guidelines about lawn watering to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules. Also keep an eye out for any standing or pooling water as these can far too easily become mosquito breeding grounds.