2018 Spring Home Maintenance Guide

Another winter has come and gone and today we mark the official return of spring. As you prepare to say goodbye to the cold and welcome back the warmer weather, it’s also time to knock out a new list of tasks to keep your house in good working order. Keep reading for a few ideas of what we recommend adding to your to do list over the next few months.


Spring Cleaning

It seems only right that we start with this quintessential and often dreaded task. A refreshed, uncluttered, and cleaned up home is a great way to welcome in the new season. Play to your strengths as you approach this task. If you prefer powering through something until it’s complete, then set aside a weekend and make spring cleaning your top priority. If you’re better working in small chunks, then make a schedule with specific goals that you can accomplish throughout the season. It may be a chore, but you’ll appreciate the effort once it’s done.

Clean Windows

Longer and sunnier days are on their way! Don’t let dirty windows stop you from enjoying them. Take some time to do a thorough cleaning. Wash both the inside and outside of the panes as well as the indoor sills and surrounding trim. Also, visually inspect the caulking and sealing around your windows for deterioration or leaks. Fix any issues that you find now to help keep the cooler air in come summer by taking time to maintain your windows now.





Prep Outdoor Living Areas

The shift towards more pleasant weather means increased opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. While the cold of winter may still linger for a few more weeks, this is an ideal time to begin preparing your outdoor living space. Get furniture out of storage, dewinterize outdoor plumbing (once there are no more freezes), and make sure your outdoor appliances and equipment are in good working order. If anything needs to be replaced or added get it now before the summer rush at stores.

Deep Clean Floors

Winter weather can wreck havoc on your floors with all the dirt and muck that gets tracked in. Give your floors a fresh start this spring by giving them a good deep cleaning. Some floor cleaning can be DIY-ed without bringing in a professional, but we recommend researching best practices for your floors before starting to avoid inadvertently harming them. Give extra attention to entryways and mudrooms as they see the most traffic coming in from the outdoors.

General Home Maintenance Tasks

Once again, when a new season starts there are a few general home maintenance tasks to add to your to-do list. First,  clean out and make any necessary repairs to your gutters so that they are ready to handle the spring rain deluge. While you’re outside start prepping your gardens. Clear out weeds, lay new mulch, and do any other necessary prep so that when planting time arrives everything is ready. Another task to complete is to test run your air conditioning unit. The temperature outside might not be warm enough to warrant turning the A/C back on full time, but if there are any issues with the unit then you’ll want to get them fixed now and not be left without access to cool air when the summer heat hits,


Inspect Roof

Spring tends to bring with it some of the wettest weather of the year and the last thing anyone wants during an intense rainstorm is to find out that their roof is bad. Unexpected leaks or hidden damages that have festered over time often require immediate attention when they are discovered. To help prevent that unfavorable scenario, take time now to inspect your roof. At the very least do a visual inspection for glaring issues. If your roof is older or if you have any reason to suspect that it has sustained damage then it would be wise to bring in a professional to do a closer inspection. You may also want to consider this option if it has been a while since your roof’s last professional inspection.

Inspect Attic

Spring’s moderate temperatures make it an ideal time to knock out a few tasks in the attic. Inspect for signs of unwanted critters or insects who may have made your attic their home. These pests can cause significant damage if not taken care of promptly. Also look around for signs of mold. Conditions in the attic provide good breeding grounds for mold growth. Finally, take stock of everything you have stored up there. Get rid of itemsyou don’t need and spend some time organizing what you want to keep so that when you need something it is easy to find.

Take a Home Tour

When it comes to planning home remodels the internet is a good source of inspiration. But nothing beats getting to see things in person instead of on a screen. A great way to do that is by going on a local home tour. If you live in a growing area search out new construction sites with model or show homes. Open houses are another option, although you won’t be assured that you’re seeing the latest and greatest in home design. But homes on the market want to attract buyers so hopefully they will have undergone some updates to make them appealing. One of the best parts of touring local homes is that you’ll get the chance to see designs that are popular in your area. If trying to ensure the highest return on investment is an important factor in your remodeling plans then you’ll want to ensure you’re sticking to popular local trends.