The Home's Christmas Wish List

The holiday season is in full swing now that December is here and that means that the season of gift giving is also in full swing. Hopefully Santa is ready for the influx of wish lists that are heading his way. And while we might expect to see those lists from young children (or even some adults) we wondered what would happen if our homes got to write their own Wishlist to Santa. We’re not talking about the simple things, like a new paint job or a deep cleaning, because where is the fun in that? We like to think our homes would have big dreams for the gifts that they would want to receive. Here are a few ideas of what we think might make their list.


An Automatic Venthood

What is the best thing about the venthood in this kitchen? The fact that it can disappear back into the island at the touch of a button when the range is not in use. Space is at a premium in this small kitchen so maintaining an open line of sight was key to making the room feel as large as possible. There is no big and bulky venthood hanging from the ceiling that would impede the line of sight in this kitchen. Instead, they get a sleek venthood that perfectly complements the more contemporary style of the kitchen.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living in Texas is almost a must, and no outdoor living area would be complete without a fully equipped outdoor kitchen for all your cooking needs. The owners of this home were avid cooks and wanted an outdoor kitchen that could keep up with them. It includes a large outdoor grill, restaurant quality smoker, and even a wood fire pizza oven give them plenty of cooking options. An outdoor refrigerator and a clean up station that includes a sink and dishwasher ensure minimal back and forth is needed between the outside and inside when this kitchen is in use.


A Unique Master Shower

If you judge by the amount of money spent remodeling them every year, the master bathroom is easily one of the most important rooms in the house. A room this significant deserves a stand out feature and we think the shower is the perfect item to focus those efforts on. This rounded shower is truly one of a kind. From the rounded mosaic tile walls and glass walls, to the dual handheld shower heads and rain shower head, and to the built in soap niche and bench, this shower is full of great features. Doesn’t your shower deserve an upgrade of its own?


An At Home Gym

Working out can be such a chore, but an at home gym will make it less so. Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to make the trek to the gym in order to get your sweat on. Having a gym at home will allow you to tailor the equipment to fit your needs and not have to fight with all the other gym members for its use. One of the many things we love about this home gym is the carpet floor tiles. Flooring in gyms tend to get trampled on quite a bit more, but these floor tiles can be swapped out individually as needed.

A Pool

A pool in the backyard is a staple feature when living in an area that sees hot summers and mostly mild winters. Pools can range from simple to complex. The pool at this Dallas home falls far into the complex category with its three interconnected pools. On the upper level is a general use pool and spa pool. The lower level lap pool allows the family of competitive swimmers to continue to hone their craft from the comfort of their own home. It is connected to the upper level pools through a beautiful waterfall feature. But an effective pool doesn’t have to be quite so complex. Simpler features like an extended wet deck or architectural feature can create a unique and fun backyard pool.   

An Elevator

If your home has stairs chances are at some point or another you’ve found yourself having to dread making the walk up there, even if it was just one night when you were especially tired. What’s the solution? How about an elevator that does the cross floor traveling for you! We love how the newer technology feels right at home in this historic 1920’s built home. It has wood paneling and brass fixtures on the interior finish and outside was designed to look like a European castle turret to match the Tudor style of the home.

An Heirloom Piece

When it comes to home remodeling the focus seems to always be on the new. But sometimes looking into the past can offer some unique and stylish options. Take the piece that hangs behind the range of the remodel of this historic home’s kitchen. It is a cast iron fireback from the 1800’s in France that the homeowners were able to acquire. Its history makes it a stunning piece in a kitchen that is meant to provide modern luxuries and conveniences while also honoring its history and heritage.


A Bold Paint Job

Yes, we started this post off by saying the simpler upgrades like paint would not make a home’s wish list, but we like to think that repainting a room with a bold and standout color is a step above a simple paint job. This bedroom benefits greatly from the rich purple hue featured on its walls. It helps give the room some unique personality. Using such a bold color can be a risk, but if done correctly then the payoff can be fantastic!