Project Spotlight: Small Changes in Kitchen Provide Large Transformation

When it comes to remodeling it’s often the big changes that inspire the most awe. It’s hard to not say “wow” when an old, dated space that looks like it hasn’t been touched in decades is completely transformed to become sleek and modern. But a remodel doesn’t always have to involve such massive changes to make a strong impact. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. This North Dallas kitchen is proof that an effective remodel doesn’t have to change much to completely update the look and feel of a room. A few strategic changes packed a powerful punch in this remodel.

In approaching the remodel, the homeowner didn’t want to change much in the kitchen. The existing cabinets and appliances were in good condition and fit well with the homeowner’s needs and design style. Further, the homeowner had also taken great care to over time update her appliances to the ones that she wanted rather than having to shoulder the burden of replacing them all in one go, a great way to lessen the cost burden often associated with replacing those big-ticket items. With these two big parts of the kitchen in good shape the homeowner instead decided to focus on three other areas of the kitchen: the backsplash, the countertops, and the elevated peninsula.

The old tile backsplash wasn’t horribly dated or out of place, but it had a very traditional feel to it and lacked a modern edge that the homeowner desired. A mosaic metallic tile was chosen as the replacement. Remarkably, the relatively small change completely transformed the vibe of the room. The tile gives the kitchen a uniqueness that was missing and is easily the standout feature of the room. The stainless steel finish matches well with the stainless steel appliances so it doesn’t feel out of place in the design of the room. It is also a great complement to the metallic strips that are used to hold knives and kitchen utensils throughout the room. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that if someone didn’t know the metallic strips existed they just might think the utensils were magically adhering themselves to the backsplash.

The homeowner also wanted to adjust the peninsula cabinets. The outer facing portion of the peninsula had an elevated bar cabinet that was too small to be practical for the homeowner. So rather than waste valuable countertop space the elevated section of the cabinets was lowered to match the countertop height throughout the rest of the kitchen. This created additional work space around the sink and helped to more seamlessly tie the kitchen into an open floor plan design with the adjacent living room area. The height change did necessitate that the countertops be replaced. New quartz countertops were installed throughout the room. The lighter color of the material helps them to not distract from the standout backsplash tile.

With just a handful of changes this homeowner was able to completely transform the look and feel of the kitchen. While remodels are often seen as a costly endeavor, making smaller changes provides a solution that is still transformative but also cost effective. So, if cost is what is holding you back from beginning a remodel take a page out of this homeowner’s book and look for ways to make smaller yet powerful changes to your home instead.