Key Residential Has Gone to the Dogs

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working on projects that are home to some rather adorable dogs. And while we wouldn’t recommend planning any remodels solely around the needs of a pet it’s hard to not consider their needs and what might make their lives a bit easier. Take a look at a few of the projects we’ve done and find out about some of the features that the dogs that call those projects home like best.

This long and lanky dog seems to really enjoy stretching out and relaxing on the floor. We’ll bet it has something to do with the pleasant coolness of the stained concrete flooring and the relief it can provide in the hot Texas weather. The minimalist and open design of this modern house makes it an easy place for this dog to roam around. Plus, the plethora of windows means plenty of opportunities to keep an eye on what’s going on outside.

The owners of this Dallas home wanted to create a house that was reminiscent of a French country home. Their dog looks like he would fit right in with that French countryside image. He has his own little dog room that has quick access to the backyard and a half door for access to the main home so that he can feel part of the family even when he is confined to his room. We'd also like to think he enjoys the very detailed style of the home.







These two fluffy balls of fur who call this 1929 Tudor style house their home look as comfortable as can be in their newly remodeled living room. While some of the new features, such as the custom designed built in bookcases or many high end art pieces, are likely not of much use to the dogs there are definitely other features of the remodel that they can enjoy. The new larger windows give them easier access to survey and guard their property. They even have a custom designed pocket doggy door so that they can be corralled in style.

This golden retriever looks like the perfect family pet and seems a good fit for the traditional design of this remodeled home. The hardwood and tiled floors throughout the home likely help keep him cool beneath all the fur. The remodeled office of this house is also home to some comfortable furniture which will make it even easier for this dog to keep its owners company while they are busy working.

While this blog post is mainly devoted to the dogs we’ve had the chance to get to know through our remodels it would seem a shame to not include the other four legged and furry creature that is a popular pet. So here’s a bonus feature on one of the cats we’ve had the chance to work with. This cat’s home is one of Key Residential’s custom home builds. There are plenty of comfy beds throughout the house for it to rest on, as well as built in window seats in the breakfast room and master bedroom. An open stairway to the second floor and tall ceilings give the cat plenty of places to survey its territory.