2017 Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Yesterday marked the first official day of summer, although if you have school age children or live in an area with hot temperatures it may have felt like summer began quite a bit earlier. With the change of season comes a new list of tasks to get done around the house. Keep reading for a few project ideas you should consider adding to your to-do list this summer.


Check Safety Devices

One of the best ways to ensure that your home is keeping you safe is by regularly checking the devices that are designed to do just that. If you haven’t already, set up a monthly schedule for checking the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure that fire extinguishers are not expired. If they are past their expiration date either schedule a maintenance appointment or replace them if they are not a maintenance abled type.


Prep Your House for Travel

If you’ve been waiting all year for summer vacation time to arrive then you’re in luck! But while you’re off enjoying your adventures and creating new memories elsewhere, make sure your home is ready to withstand your absence. Inspect all entrances to your home, including your windows and doors, to ensure that they are secure. Timed or motion sensor exterior lights can help give the illusion of an occupied home. Put mail and any other regular delivers on hold or have a trusted neighbor collect things as they arrive.


Check for Signs of Pests

Unplanned critters, whether they be bugs, rodents, or any other creature that doesn’t belong, can be an absolute nuisance. Plus, they could potentially cause considerable damage to your home or yard if not caught and addressed in a timely manner. Help to prevent their unexpected arrival by periodically checking your house for signs of them. For some pests, like termites, you may want to bring in professional and periodic help.


Clean Out/Organize the Pantry

The pantry tends to be one of those places that is either super organized or easily a source of clutter and mess. No matter the state of organization, take some time to go through the pantry, take stock of its contents, and get everything in order. Even if you’re not an organizing guru, a little extra time and attention in the pantry will pay itself back in making things easier to find and cutting down on wasted and forgotten food.


Inspect Irrigation Systems

The summer heat is here, which means your sprinkler system is likely hard at work. Keep a watchful eye throughout the summer to ensure your landscaping is getting the proper amount of water and that your watering systems are up to par. Another thing to watch for is proper water drainage. Standing puddles of water could quickly become mosquito breeding grounds while water pooling around the house could cause things like foundation damage.


Host a Party

What is summer without a little bit of kicking back and celebrating. With the longer days and pleasant weather, summer is the perfect time to invite a few (or a lot) of people over for some outdoor fun. Backyard barbecues and pool parties are a staple of summer, and are often more fun with a larger group. Keeping the party outside means you won’t have to worry as much about preparty clean up inside your house. You can take some of the pressure off by hosting a potluck or asking your guests to bring with outdoor themed activities or extra pool toys.


Freshen Up Bedrooms

Summer is a great time to give the bedrooms in your home some extra love. Aim to make the bedroom feel fresh and airy. Flip the mattresses to help prolong their life and break out the lighter weight bedding. Dust all surfaces and in those hard to reach or often forgotten areas, such as fan blades, baseboards, and lamps. When you’re done consider bringing in some fresh flowers or a new plant to complete the freshness feel.


Plan Smaller Interior Update Remodels

Use the summer to take careful stock of your home’s interiors and start making plans to update or change out some of the smaller things that you don’t like or have grown tired of. Small changes can often breathe a lot of new life into a home. Some less intensive projects could include things like repainting, swapping out cabinet hardware, or replacing smaller plumbing fixtures and appliances.