Popular Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

In our last blog post we highlighted the top ten trends that the National Kitchen and Bath Association predicts will be seen in kitchens in 2017. You can read that post here. Now we’re going to switch the focus to the bathroom and the trends that the NKBA predicts will be popular for this coming year.


Design Style

As with the kitchen, the most popular overall design style for the bathroom is transitional. Clean, sleek, and modern are three words that are often showing up when describing current trends in bathroom design. Transitional style exemplifies these traits through the use of clean and simple lines, neutral colors, natural materials, and comfortable style without excessive accents.  

Cabinet Colors

Popular cabinet colors in the bathroom is another category that mirrors similar trends in the kitchen. White, off white, and gray are the top cabinet color choices for the bathroom, likely for many of the same reasons for why they are popular in the kitchen. It is a classic look that can complement many different styles and designs. And by using a neutral color for the cabinets other design elements are better able to shine. Blue is slowly emerging as another popular choice in the bathroom for those who want something with more color.


Storage Options

Wood vanities and linen closets are the popular picks when it comes to storage options. Floating vanities and open shelving have gained recent popularity and are a good option for those who want something a little different. Specialized storage options, such as custom medicine cabinets and drawers for hair dryers and other styling tools with built in electrical outlets, are also popular in the bathroom.







Ceramic tile, the long time bathroom flooring favorite, continues to be the top choice. With a plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors available, ceramic tile offers many possibilities and options. In general, hard surface materials, such as tile and vinyl, tend to be very popular in bathrooms. Hardwood, a product favored in other areas of the house, isn’t as popular in bathrooms because it does not stand up as well against water. However both tile and vinyl have popular options that give the appearance of wood without sacrificing durability.


Sink Type

Undermounted sinks, where the sink is mounted underneath the countertop, is the most popular option currently. This type of sink provides a clean and polished look that has been a long time classic in bathroom design. For those wanting something a bit different but still trendy, trench style sinks are growing in popularity.







Tub vs. No Tub Debate

The most divisive topic when it comes to bathroom remodeling is whether or not a tub should be included in the master bathroom. Most new construction homes are not including bathtubs in the master bath whereas about half of people remodeling existing homes wanted to keep a bathtub in their master. So when it comes down to it, homeowner preference is the deciding factor. For those choosing to include a tub, freestanding is the most popular style. In guest or hall baths, the combined shower/tub remains popular.





Classic white remains the popular finish for plumbing fixtures. Off white colors, such as bone or biscuit, have been steadily trending downward in recent years. For bath hardware, such as cabinet pulls and faucets, chrome and polished nickel are the most popular options.

Safety and Comfort Features

Aging-in-place amenities have steadily grown in popularity recently, even among those who may not have a pressing need for them currently or anytime in the near future. The bathroom is one of the areas of the house where aging-in-place features can be vitally important for those who need them. But they also add a level of convenience for any user of the room. Grab bars, comfort-height toilets, shower seats, and curbless showers can make life easier for everyone with or without a current need for them. Adding more comfort to the bathroom is also a popular trend. Amenities like heated flooring, smart toilets, and low maintenance features are a few of the most common ways to create a more comfortable setting in the bathroom.


Environmentally Friendly Fixtures

Almost all plumbing fixtures on the market include water saving techniques that are friendly to the environment without sacrificing efficiency. Water saving toilets and faucets for the sink and shower are the most prevalent areas where these technologies are employed.



Integrating technology in the bathroom is an emerging trend but it is one that will likely only gain more and more popularity in the years to come as technology continues to advance and be more prevalent. Adding televisions or built in speaker systems are two ways that technology is beginning to be seen more in the bathroom.