2017 Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Say goodbye to the short and cold days of winter! Today marks the official start of the spring season. Even if you live in an area where the weather might still be a bit variable, take comfort in knowing that warmer weather is on the way. It’s time to start crawling out of winter hibernation and prepping for the sunnier days ahead. Keep reading for a few tasks around the house that are ideal for completing in spring.

Spring Cleaning

Almost everyone has probably heard the phrase “spring cleaning” before. After the cold and doldrums of winter it is nice to give your home a fresh and clean start. Take it a step further this year and instead of trashing things you don’t need or want anymore, try putting together a garage sale, visit one of the many secondhand stores willing to buy gently used belongings, or donate the unwanted items that are still in decent condition.




Inspect and Maintain Garage Door

Proactively inspecting and maintaining a garage door can save on future time and hassle. Plus, a damaged garage door is both a security concern and major safety hazard. Weather can play a factor in how the springs and inner workings of a garage door operate and spring is the ideal time for the functionality and state to be tested. Garage door repairs are a task best performed by a professional. A poorly repaired garage door could fall and cause severe damage to both a home and its occupants.


Fix and Reseal Exterior Woodwork

Maintenance on exterior woodwork should be performed annually to keep it in good condition and extend its life. Winter weather especially can wreak havoc on exterior woodwork. When the weather starts warming up is a good time to inspect and repair any damage that is present. Once all the damage has been addressed apply some fresh paint or stain and reseal the wood so that it is well protected until next spring.


Inspect/Service Sprinkler Systems

Hopefully spring will bring with it plenty of rain so that the sprinkler system can rest until it needs to work extra hard during the hot summer months. Make sure there are no problems with your sprinkler system and get any you find fixed now before you are left scrambling to fix them when you and your lawn most desperately need it to work in the summer to keep your lawn looking beautifully green.


Make Kitchen Remodel Plans

Thinking about making some updates to your kitchen? This is the time to start making those plans in earnest so that everything is done and ready to go when the winter holidays role back around. It may seem a bit early to be thinking about the holidays again, but when you factor in the time needed plan a remodel, order materials, and then have the actual work done then your completion date will end up falling closer to the end of the year than you might originally expect.



Clean Out the Garage

The garage tends to be a place that attracts clutter. If it’s a struggle to fit your car among everything stored in your garage or if you’re uncertain about just what exactly is stored in there then it is time to spend a few days cleaning up and getting organized. Use care when disposing of anything as many common items stored in the garage will require special disposal methods (i.e. old paint and motor oil). Once the cleaning is done, consider adding in some hanging shelves or compact cabinets to help keep everything organized going forward.


Spruce Up Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression that your home makes. It’s the first thing that visitors and passerby’s will see. A house and front yard that looks well cared for can leave a strong impression about the people who live there. Some simpler ways to add curb appeal might be new house numbers or a new mailbox. Some basic clean up or additions to your landscaping is also an easier way to spruce things up. More intensive curb appeal projects might include an entire landscape makeover, repainting siding, or a new front door.


Test Run Air Conditioning

The temperatures outside probably don’t require much use from an air conditioning unit yet (unless you live somewhere like Texas where spring weather started in early February). However, if there are any issues with your air conditioning unit it is better to find them and get them resolved now before the significantly warmer summer heat hits and your AC unit is working overtime.