Small Details that Make a Big Difference in Kitchen Design

Options abound when it comes to kitchen remodeling. And as one of the most used rooms in the house, having a well-designed and thought out kitchen can make your life significantly easier. But with all the available options it might be hard to know where to start. Figuring out the basics, like whether you want wood or painted cabinets, what material you want for your countertop and flooring, or what appliances you want to replace, can easily monopolize decision making efforts and cause you to miss out on some smaller details that can not only make your kitchen look better but also make it easier to use. Check out a few of these smaller detail ideas below.

The bottom row cabinets in this kitchen feature all drawers, making it easier for the homeowners to store their belongings without them getting lost behind other items.

The bottom row cabinets in this kitchen feature all drawers, making it easier for the homeowners to store their belongings without them getting lost behind other items.

Drawers Instead of Cabinets

One of the key functions of a kitchen is storage for the many items it contains. And with how much there is, it isn’t uncommon for things to get shoved inside cabinets and get lost behind other objects. One way to make your kitchen storage more effective is to add in more drawers for your lower cabinets. Large drawers can accommodate things like pots, pans, or other baking tools and makes them easier to pull out later. No more digging through cabinets. Just pull out the drawer, find what you need, and get to work.


These pull our spice drawers frame the oven and range unit. Their design makes it easy to store and then find specific spices.

Specialty Drawers and Cabinets

While we’re on the topic of cabinets and drawers, consider adding in a few specialty drawers to help make storage even easier. Spice and knife drawers are some of the most popular options. One option is to add narrow but tall drawers with multiple shelves that frame a built-in oven or range for spice storage. These drawers help keep your spices organized and easy to find. Specialty cabinets can also be quite helpful in storing smaller appliances that normally take up space on the countertop and can be an eye sore. Another very popular trend is to build in trash and recycling drawers that make them easy to access but safely out of sight.




This area previously served as a breakfast room but was turned into a morning room where the homeowners can comfortably enjoy their breakfast and coffee while watching the news.

Turn the Breakfast Room into a Sitting Room

Many homes come equipped with both a breakfast room/eating area connected to the kitchen and a separate formal dining room. But how often do both rooms see significant use? Or how often are meals spent eating on the couch in front of the TV? Why not convert the breakfast room space into something more useable? If you have school aged children this might mean creating a better equipped work station for them. Or you could just fully embrace the TV watching by adding in comfortable chairs and a television. The proximity means it’ll be easier to return dirty plates to the kitchen or grab more food if you’re still hungry.


The refrigerator features front panels designed to match the adjacent cabinetry. The dishwasher, mostly obscured by the island, also features a custom panel front.

Cabinet Fronts for Appliances

If you are looking for a cohesive and clean look in the kitchen then consider using special panel fronts for your appliances that match your cabinets. Appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers tend to be the best options for custom panel fronts. This simple change can elevate your kitchen and give it a very sophisticated look. Many appliances come with a panel ready option. Just be careful to keep track of which cabinets are truly cabinets and which are appliances.





The upper row glass front cabinets in this kitchen allow the homeowners to artfully display some of their special china dishware.

Glass Front Cabinets

This feature will require a bit more upkeep and organization inside your cabinets, but regardless of any added work associated with them, glass front cabinets are an increasingly popular trend in the kitchen. Their see-through fronts allow these cabinets to serve the role of both storage and décor. You don’t need to have any standout dishware to display in order to justify glass front cabinets. Well organized stacks of plates or neatly arranged glasses can look just as good.


A farmhouse sink is right at home in this rustic country styled kitchen.

Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink has become one of the most popular staples in a kitchen. The large oversized bowl makes it ideal for cleanup as it can more easily accommodate larger items. If you’re unwilling to part with a double sink then a double apron sink is an option, but it will come at the expense of the large bowl. Apron sinks will overhang the cabinets slightly so make sure to pick a sink in a finish that will match your kitchen’s style. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.







The color, shape, and mosaic nature of this tile backsplash make it a standout feature in this outdoor kitchen.

Backsplash Feature

A kitchen cannot be complete without a backsplash. However, instead of using just a standard tile backsplash why not use the backsplash to bring in some extra design and appeal? One way to do this is to use a uniquely shaped tile or by laying a standard shaped tile in an interesting. Choosing a standout color can also add interest. Specific sections of the backsplash, such as above the range, can also be used for a special built in tile feature. Don’t settle for a standard backsplash, find some way to make it stand out that works for your design aesthetic and needs.