Five Things to Include in an Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to adding an outdoor kitchen, regardless of how simple or complex the finished product is, there are a few overarching items that should be considered for inclusion. Take a look below at the five things we think should be included when designing an outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Kitchen 3.jpg

Cooking Appliances

When creating an outdoor kitchen the most important element to include is a way to prepare food. An outdoor grill is the most popular choice for outdoor cooking appliances. But don’t be limited just by the more popular choices. Depending on the level of cooking skills you possess and the amount of outdoor entertaining you want to do there are plenty of other options that can be included, such as a smoker, pizza oven, or even a fire pit.

Dining Area

While including a dining area seems like common sense in a kitchen, it can easily be overlooked. Once food is made, you’ll want a place where you and your guests can sit and enjoy it. Again, the size of the dining area will greatly depend on how many people might be using it at a time. Bar seating across a countertop might be sufficient for your needs, or perhaps you’ll want enough space for a full dining table.

Countertop and Storage Space

Having ample storage and work space should be considered another important factor in designing an outdoor kitchen. Just was with trying to keep cleanup outdoors, minimizing the need to transition between inside and outside when using an outdoor kitchen will increase efficiency and help contain areas of activity and mess. Work with hardy materials that will stand up well to the elements, such as metal for the cabinets and a nonporous material for countertops.



Cleanup Station

Devoting space in an outdoor kitchen for the sole purpose of unglamorous task of cleaning up may not hold much appeal, but in the long run it will make things easier. Even something as simple as a sink will allow you a space to coral dirty dishes and at the very least spot clean items before bringing them back inside. Trying to meander back and forth between two kitchens at one time can be inconvenient and a hassle. If you plan on having a lot of dishes to clean up it may also be worth investing in an outdoor grade dishwasher to further make life easier.


Natural light shouldn’t be too hard to come by in an outdoor kitchen, but natural light may not always provide the right quality of lighting or even an ample amount. Cooking in the dark when the sun goes down isn’t an ideal option. Adding in general lighting for the outdoor kitchen space will make the area useable regardless of the location of the sun. But even when the sun is shining, adding in lighting in specific areas will help improve the quality of your outdoor kitchen. Think about adding light around cooking areas so that you’ll be better able to see what you are doing.