2016 Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

It may feel like winter has already started where you live well before now, but today marks the official start of that cold weather season. The start of a new season brings with it the perfect opportunity to address a few maintenance and upkeep items around the house. Take a look below for eight things we think should be on your list to get done around the house this winter.


Restock Emergency Supplies

Even in Texas where our winters tend to be on the milder side, inclement weather can hit with little warning. Preparing early can help you avoid the trouble of fighting off the crowds at the store right before bad weather hits. Stock up on things like nonperishable foods, bottled water, flashlights, batteries, blankets, and anything else that would make your life a bit easier if you were suddenly stranded at home due to bad weather.

Maintenance Washer and Dryer

The first basic rule of dryer maintenance is to clean out the lint trap after each use. A highly flammable substance, a buildup of lint can quickly lead to disaster. But keeping both your dryer and washer in prime working order requires a bit more than that. For the dryer lint can also build up in the ducts behind the machine and they should be cleaned at least once a year. The water lines for a washer should be inspected as well as they will deteriorate and crack over time.

Declutter the House

Winter is a good time to do some general around the house decluttering. Chances are you’ll spend more time inside your house during the winter months than any other season. As such you’ll have a better idea of what things you actually use and what things are just gathering dust. Make sure to include a closet clean out as well. If you find any clothes that weren’t worn over the past year then plan to donate or get rid of them. Chances are if you didn’t wear it this year you won’t wear it next year.

Organize Your Home Office

The end of the year is an ideal time to get your home office in order. Any filing that has been stacking up should be organized and stored away in an easy to access location so you’re ready come tax season. And if the home office is also the place where kids work on their home work then the winter holidays are a great time to have them organize their things so that they are ready to go when school is back in session.

Plan Major Home Projects for the Next Year

Whether you are ready for it or not, the New Year is almost here. If you’re 2017 includes any major home remodeling or maintenance projects this is the time to start planning and getting ready for them. Most home projects that require hiring a professional will require time on the front end for planning and scheduling. Work out your own schedule for when you want to get things done throughout the year and start contacting companies early.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

With the holiday season upon us, it is likely that the kitchen will be seeing heavier use than normal so it could use a little extra care when it’s all said and done. Once all the big holiday meals and parties are over take the time to do a deep clean of the kitchen to get it put back in order and start the New Year off right. Don’t forget to include the pantry in your cleaning. This is a good time to go through it and clean out anything that has expired or won’t be used.

Break Out the Warm, Comfy Bedding

It might make getting out of bed in the morning a bit harder, but winter is the time to snuggle up under the covers at night to escape the cold and stay warm. Plus, waking up in the middle of the night because you’re too cold is never an enjoyable experience. Save yourself from that trouble by layering on the blankets for your bed.  Just make sure to have a robe or jacket handy in the morning when you have to leave the cocoon of warmth.

Stock up on Firewood

Curling up beside a roaring fire when the weather turns cold is a quintessential winter activity. Prepare early by stocking up on firewood now so that whenever the cold weather or feeling for a warm fire hits you will be ready. If you didn’t have your chimney cleaned already this year now would also be a good time to get that done so that only intended fires are created.